Capgun Coup, Maudlin

capgun_coup-maudlin-300x300_phixrMaudlin, the second full-length from Omaha’s Capgun Coup has been described as “…a sonic homage to (Their) renowned energetic performances at house parties.” A more fitting description, I can’t think of. Maudlin oozes the life of the party, complete with jangly, attention-seeking riffs and the kind of uncomplicated production that seemingly sparkles in its simplicity. Take “Ari Are We,” a hallucinogenic backwoods pop-gem that lures with it’s ramshackle delivery. This is Capgun Coup at their finest: a five piece armed with so much dissonance that at times, all those punchy chords and spooked out stories add upto something catchy. And they’re the type of act to keep the party motivated, even if no one can really figure out what they’re all about.

Never wandering on serious territory, Maudlin sticks up for the underprivileged on almost every cut. “Got A Lot of Gull” lacks any and all lubrication. Instead, like so many tracks on Maudlin, “Got A Lot of Gull” work with force and an awkward sort of muscle to crash their way into your subconscious. It’s a little noisy and oblique at times, but why shouldn’t it be? Nothing about Maudlin conforms. It’s a rock and roll record for the true outsiders. And it’ll make each and every one of us want to hang out back in the smoking pit as well.

By Joshua Kloke

[Rating: 3/5]

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