Corrin Campbell & The Election, Game Night

orrimncc_phixrCorrin Campbell & The Election step out of the trenches and into the public’s eye to give you Game Night.   Corrin Campbell formerly served as a US Army bassist in the 1st Cavalry Division–combat vet and is currently working with the Army Material Command Band.   Another member of The Election, Tony Corbett, is a three-time combat vet himself serving as a US Army drummer.     Rounding out the group of Corrin Campbell & The Election is Jim Boyer on guitar who has no background in the armed services.

Corrin Campbell explains that “As a musician in the Army, you are playing a lot of covers because that’s what soldiers know; it gives them a taste of home and makes them feel good.   But I have always loved writing and there are certain creative limitations when I’m playing just Top 40 songs with Army ensembles.   It is a joy to put a smile on the face of the soldier who hasn’t smiled in months or who just got back from a firefight.   I love serving my country this way, but it’s wonderful to have these other opportunities too.”   So, on one end Campbell is saying that it is a tremendous honor to represent her country as a musician.   It just seems now that Corrin is ready to burst out of her shell to show the entire world what she has to offer.

This young artist proves that she has serious talent as a singer/songwriter handling the vocals, bass and keys.   Her musical & vocal abilities are proven to be off the charts after listening to this new album.   Tony Corbett brings some skills of his own as he recorded, mastered, mixed, played drums and most of the guitars on the new disc.   These two members may be Army strong, but they are also musically gifted.   The armed services and the rest of the civilian population should be very proud of Corrin Campbell & The Election after hearing & experiencing Game Night.

The colorful display of bouncy dice on the CD cover depicts a fun & happy environment on the surface.   However, underneath all of that good times imagery there lies a much darker & deeper connotation.   The title is actually based on Corrin Campbell’s somewhat dysfunctional family history and their game nights.   What Campbell & company have done here is turn something negative into a positive experience.   Brilliant idea here and the overall sound is even better!  

The new record can best be described as edgy ‘n’ grindy pop/rock with attitude.   You hear heavy rockin’ grooves that are just catchy-as-hell!   The energy is in full effect and full of spice thanks in part to the fast, upbeat tempo.   Corrin Campbell’s singing is so distinct and so powerful to the point that I was completely blown away by her mesmerizing voice.   She sings with complete confidence that you hear right away from her vocals.   She appears to have a perfect tone and voice for this type of music.   This girl has got charisma!   I’d also like to add that the guitar solos are on fire, the bass lines are sizzling and the drums are getting you pumped & excited.   All of this ignites into one hell of a Game Night!

On track nine, “Apologize”, you get a very sincere and powerhouse performance from Corrin Campbell.   On song 11, “Blink of an Eye”, you experience a very fast & punchy beat with hints of old Gwen Stefani’s style coming through vocally.   I actually picked up on this Gwen Stefani resemblance throughout different sections of the album.   On “Blink of an Eye”, Campbell receives the wow factor for holding and hitting a high note that was simply incredible to hear.   On the song “Cast it Off”, the band offers up a very pop radio-friendly tune while closing the show with a very soft & subtle vocal/piano medley on “A New Page.”  

The CD starts with a bang and ends on a quieter note, but all the while Corrin Campbell & The Election are giving to you nothing but their best efforts.   Their best turns out to be a winner of gold in my book, so they definitely get my vote!   For more on this Baltimore-based group and their new release, Game Night, SKOPE out  
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[Rating: 4.5/5]

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