Calvin Harris, Ready for the Weekend


Calvin Harris has a knack for making infectious, intelligent and funny club music that has a sense of humour.   Ready for the Weekend features 14 catchy little numbers are sure to make you dance, and clap your hands.
Over the years he has worked with Kylie Minogue and Example (even turning down a chance to work with Lady GaGa) and has racked up numerous awards and accolades.   Calvin Harris’s latest effort is another homage to 70’s/ 80’s electro pop.  
Mind you, the album has it’s downsides. Sometimes his lyrics sound like they were sourced from the same industry standard rhyming dictionary that’s been used in making Top 40 hits for years.   He also has an over reliance on the vocoder, but I assume that’s just a stylistic choice.
Running the gamete from ambient to Manchester rave, it’s one of the most fun albums I have heard in a while.   It recently became number one in the U.K. (Third one in a row for Calvin Harris) Ready for the Weekend, will turn off people who think music has to be rigid, boring (Coldplay) and completely devoid of fun. Wankers.
As Calvin Harris says in “The Rain”: “These are the good times in your life, so put on a smile and it’ll be all right.” I think even Dr. Norman Vincent Peale would bust a move.

Review By: Shawn Alexander Roy

[Rating: 4/5]

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