l_376bccf8e13e448f8977463ee9c8cf3a After former lead singer Craig Owen’s departure from Chiodos, the big question on everyones’ mind was “Who would will replace him?”. Come Bamboozle, all those questions will be answered.

After announcing they would enter the studio to record highly anticipated third album with Machine(Lamb of God, Every Time I Die), you’d imagine it would be hard without having a lead singer to fill the amazing vocal chords of Craig Owens. Along with Owens, was drummer Derrick Frost whose spot has now been filled by ex-drummer Tanner Wayne from the now disbanded Scary Kids Scaring Kids. “We’ve been putting everything we have to offer into this writing process for the past year and a half,” states keyboardist, Bradley Bell. “We’re ready to work harder then ever before.”

With that said, the band has insisted on keeping their new singer a mystery to the world. However, they “feel very confident” about their choice. The mystery singer will be revealed when Chiodos perform at the Bamboozle festival on March 27 in Anaheim, CA.

My fingers are crossed for Anthony Green.

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