As we enter a new decade and many of us are trying to live up to our potential quietly, PEASANT is taking his personal resolution to the ears of every listener.

Having been in a continual state of growth for the past two years, Peasant has flourished to create a new album — an album that illustrates maturity gained through experience without losing the honest charm of deliverance.

Check out Peasant’s “Well Alright” MP3:


Shady Retreat, Peasant’s new record, takes off where the previous record, On The Ground, left us. While the last album gave many people their first taste of Peasant, in the eyes of the moniker’s human form, Damien DeRose, this was a mere appetizer to what would soon come to fruition. DeRose molded his own retrospective thoughts and realization about the music and content of On The Ground to use as a platform for Shady Retreat. The result is an album that is an extension of the most creative and substantial elements of On The Ground combined with DeRose’s maturing music tastes and everyday influences. Shady Retreat stands out as its own introspective artistic masterpiece.

Shady Retreat is available via Paper Garden Records on March 2, 2010 in North America and April 5th in Europe.

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