Buzzcocks and Mute will release the original Buzzcocks’ albums, Another Music in a Different Kitchen, Love Bites, and A Different Kind of Tension from 1978 and 1979 February 9, 2010.   The reissues will also feature previously unreleased tracks, John Peel sessions, associated singles, demos, backing tracks, and live versions.

Buzzcocks’ first album, Another Music in a Different Kitchen – a major punk landmark and a great record to boot – was released almost exactly thirty years ago. It’s full of fire, wit, speed, philosophical lyrics and gender explorations, as well the sly psychedelia that always made Buzzcocks stand out from the pack. This disc contains the full Another Music in a Different Kitchen album with the relevant John Peel session and another disc of various out-takes and the full live show recorded at the Electric Circus in October 1977: the venue’s last night and the moment when Buzzcocks began to go national.

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