Capybara, Try Brother

capybara-try_brother-300x299_phixrOn the strength of their name alone, Capybara might evoke images of massive rats. Maybe you’d imagine their sound as a bit murky and heavy. But this Kansas foursome is a clever bunch. On Try Brother, their latest full-length, the band has created ten of the most docile yet engulfing quirk-pop tracks of the last few years. Possessing the understated charm of Vampire Weekend (Before they got all massive and Pitchfork-ey) the band’s sound is so harmless it becomes delightfully endearing.

Consider the hushed sprawl of “Hello City Glow,” which rolls back forth with delicate electric finger picking and frantic yet muted percussion. There’s opportunities for Capybara on “Hello City Glow,” as there is on the rest of Try Brother to really open their sound up and push the sonic envelope. Yet by laying low and letting the unabashed and simple beauty of the tracks speak for themselves, Capybara end up sounding a thousand times more mature.

By Joshua Kloke

[Rating: 4/5]

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