Panda Transport, Monorail

Panda_Transport_Cover_phixrKathy Compton and Thierry Holweck are bringing a diverse array of audio to the forefront.   As the sole songwriters on Monorail, Compton and Holweck aka Panda Transport have created Electro-Pop grooves.   The record offers acoustic & pop elements mixed with a unique display of sounds.  

Monorail comes after Panda Transport’s debut release, Plush Mechanique.   Their former recording was literally all done via the Internet where Kathy & Thierry initially met.   As pen pals, these two artists turned E-music into an actual record with Plush Mechanique.   The single off their first album titled “Transmission” was even featured on Grey’s Anatomy.  

Now it’s time for something new as Compton & Holweck decide to meet in person to make a more personable/organic record.   Just as on a monorail system, the train moves steadily along on a single track; here reality is put into motion on a single disc.   This is the music of one’s own place, space and thoughts.   Monorail is focusing on today more so rather than on the past, but ironically with a futuristic approach.   The recording is experimental, but fun & poppy at the same time.   An abundance of natural elements were included on this album due to the windows being open during the recording sessions.   This tactic would appear to be a very OPEN and CAREFREE performance, which is exactly what Panda Transport were after.  

The CD starts up with the title track as we are introduced to the lovely singing of Kathy Compton.   Her vocals are pleasant to say the least with a nice ‘n’ tender melody to go along with an easy-going, light poppy feel.   The next track, “Saint’s Revel”, has a Cross Continental vibe about it with American & international influences.   On “Up the Disco”, an interference of sorts is detected in the background.   You’ve probably heard of the famous “Wall of Sound”; well this song would signify the Back Row of Everything Else in Between!   Scattered & sporadic audio snippets are heavily absorbed upon while listening to this record.   Going off of audible sensations, “Freakshow” supplies an extremely different & unorthodox sound.   On track five, “Cicadas in Stereo”, I simply loved the element of percussion here with a very primitive-sounding beat.  

Panda Transport have come up with six songs for you to enjoy NOW and hope that you will get wrapped up in the moment.   This duo’s creativity shines through bright as this Monorail pushes forward.   Although on one hand, I wasn’t completely blown away by this album; on the other hand I was taken back by the sheer uniqueness of two individuals bringing their music to life.   For more on Panda Transport and their new release, Monorail, SKOPE out  

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[Rating: 3/5]

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