Maura Kennedy, one-half of the folk-pop mavens, The Kennedys, will release her first solo album on Planned Effervescence Recordings on January 19, 2010. Parade of Echoes is a thirteen-song soliloquy to the light and dark sides of pop, cast in the brilliant sheen of her carillon harmonies and bell-like lead vocals. Renaissance-woman Maura (she’s also a busy actress in NY)   played most of the instruments, and produced and engineered the project. Parade of Echoes, recorded in makeshift tenement studios in the East Village, is a revealing, and at times courageous, musical diary. Maura wrote & recorded a song every month for one year, archiving her emotional highs and lows to share fearlessly with pop rockers, progressive acoustic types, & her loyal cult of fans who love a deep lyric welded to an incandescent melody.

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