Kill The Lights, Fog Area

ktl_fog-area_phixrMontreal’s Kill The Lights certainly know how to run a gamut of sound. They’ve toiled with various sonic elements for the past few years; often allowing their records to stomp with a definitive brood-rock authority. They’ve even toiled in shoegaze, but the expansive double guitar attack of Joseph Yarmush and Alex Hackett ended up breathing something of a psychedelic light into the band. Now, they’ve never been a frustrating listen by any means. Yet fans couldn’t help but wonder when all these various elements would crash together. The answer lies in Fog Area, a dense listen that brings listeners on a journey.

It’s muddy at times, but there’s raw capabilities within Fog Area that can’t be restricted. This is the sound of yet another talented band out of Montreal that is not afraid to let their sound wander.Kill The Lights show a benevolent trust in their songs on Fog Area, such as the harmonious sway of “Witch’s Easter Egg,” or the metal-induced meandering groove on “Little Ninja Boots.” As a whole, Fog Area might take a few listens to digest, but only the harshest of critics won’t have their curiosity tweaked by the chugging synergy of this foursome. Yet each single track displays the depth of this band, meaning that many of Kill The Lights fans will each have something different to cheer about on Fog Area. It’s a record that seemingly lacks any fear; and like so many records coming out of Canada’s music capital, the results are nothing less than captivating.

By Joshua Kloke

[Rating: 3.5/5]

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