After wrapping up a whirlwind year on the road with the newly reunited New Kids on the Bock, pop icon Joey McIntyre isn’t slowing down.   The singer/songwriter will release his solo EP, HERE WE GO AGAIN, available in early December.

The sound is like nothing the multi-platinum performer has ever done before.   Over the course of his seven all new songs, the pop star explores relationships and love, in a mix of rock and hip-hop infused dance tracks. Joey’s voice drives home on anthems like “Out of Nothing At All.” On “Here We Go Again,” the first single off of the EP by the same name, soaring melodies are met with explosive beats.

Joey describes the new sound best. “It’s pop, dance urban rock. There’s a thriving energy and urgency in the music that represents where I am right now. I want to get in your face and rock.”

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