Precious Father, Alluvial Fan

hs3yoh_phixrPrecious Fathers are the kind of typically enigmatic act that Vancouver’s oft-experimental, instrumental post-rock scene thrives on. Altruistic in the manner which they toss sounds off one another, Precious Fathers seemingly follow no tried and true methods of songwriting. Their experimental rock builds rapidly, with screeching guitars and relentless drumming acting as the core for this instrumental foursome. Although verses and choruses fall by the wayside as Alluvial Fan, Precious Father’s second full-length (After a five year gap between records) manage to contain their budding, temperamental songs with concise and uplifting crescendos.

Whereas many instrumental acts present a wall of sound with lacklustre results, Precious Fathers find a delicate balance between harmony and sheer, driving tones by utilizing glorious amounts of layers in their sound. Songs like “100% Pure Rock Fibres” walk delicately along a fine line; there is clearly a temptation to take the track to a raging, noise-heavy Sonic Youth level of sonic prowess.

Instead however, like on most of the seven tracks on Alluvial Fan, Precious Father exercise a restraint (A rarity in the genre) that results in a concise and incredibly listenable post-rock record. While the tense, budding, push and pull of the opener “Swells” pushes the eight minute mark, there were points throughout those eight minutes that I could have had the record continue on for a good 18 minutes. What must be remembered about Alluvial Fan is the infectious that these seven tracks possess.

Alluvial Fan is certainly a step in the concise direction, which may or may not win them more fans in their predisposed genre. But the Vancouver foursome’s risks may also win them over a few new converts from other genres, which can’t ever be a bad thing.

By Joshua Kloke

[Rating: 3/5]

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