For some college kids, with the arrival of fall come fraternity initiations. Eastside Long Beach rappers Cold Flamez invite you to witness their initiation to the Delta Psi Omega Fraternity, headed by Pledge Master DJ Skee. What begins as a sketchy introduction turns into a raucous house party with a 4:1 girl to guy ratio.

Scene after scene, cameras cut away to shots of cutesy party-starters threatening enough to make Cold Flamez claim, “Girl, you nasty.” While emcees D-Real, his little brother Mic 3rd, and emcee/producer Dash share tales of their conquests, DJ Skee sizes them up, assessing if they’re ready to join the brotherhood. Keeping in line with the song’s light-hearted feel that comes from Dash’s catchy bass-heavy production, the video retains a fun demeanor while maintaining the edge Skee.TV always brings to the table. If you’ve ever wondered what a house party in one of hip-hop’s highly heralded cities would be like, Cold Flamez invites you to join their take on Revenge of the Nerds meets Animal House, complete with the energy and grit that only Eastside Long Beach could bring.

[youtube 71yuGLbdYOw nolink]

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