riotactmedia_WEINLANDNEWPHOTO_1_phixrPortland’s Weinland have just debuted a teaser for their new video for “I’m Sure It Helps” off of this year’s critically-acclaimed Breaks In The Sun (Badman). The band is going to give its local fans a special debut viewing of the video on September 9th at Portland’s Doug Fir Lounge, and it will reveal the details of the video’s national release soon.

Gorgeously filmed, produced and animated by new-to-town production company Two Penguins’ Daniel Fickle, “I’m Sure It Helps” came to fruition in the unique, community-minded environment in which Weinland exists. Even though Two Penguins’ award-winning work has shown at Sundance, been premiered at the Lincoln Center and been praised by Ebert & Roeper, Finkle donated time to this project because he believes in the band. So, too, did famous Portland venue the Crystal Ballroom, who donated their space for filming (very few bands, including The Shins, Modest Mouse, Black Keys and The Decemberists, have been extended the same courtesy).

[youtube N0QWRwDJ_sM nolink]


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