Zeus, Sounds Like Zeus EP

zeusep_phixrIt shuffles, it bounces, it somehow manages to rock as much as it rolls; it’s the debut from Zeus, the latest release of Arts & Crafts’s diverse line-up. Two members of Jason Collett’s backing band provide rhythms fit for an island and backbone fit for a steel town on “Sounds Like…” Though short in stature, the EP packs a groovy wallop, proving that quality before quantity is still an honest credo within the world of dusty and bearded Canadian indie rock.

The trance-like swagger of “How Does It Feel?” rises to a beautiful crescendo, only to knock that same door down again and again. This up and down momentum is present throughout the record, balancing thumping nods to the Cars on the finest of thumbs. Zeus’s sense of urgency is only dulled by calming vocals. Those same vocals are at once effortless and timeless. It takes a lot of courage to cover Genesis on your debut EP, but it also takes a lot of courage to be the God of sky and thunder.

It is as if the remarkably talented members of Zeus have harnessed the power of their namesake and transformed mighty bolts of thunder and lightning into powerful songs that are remarkably easy to become swept away by.

By Joshua Kloke

[Rating: 3/5]

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