Beaten Awake will release their sophomore album, Thunder$troke, October 13, 2009 on Fat Possum.

Thunder$troke is a lo-fi, alternately heavy and rocking, dreamy and rolling landscape of fuzzy bass, resonating drums, and guitars channeled through a late ’70s Fender Super Reverb amp. The members of Beaten Awake have been fixtures of the Kent, OH, music scene since the late ’90s, playing in a number of bands that include Harriet The Spy, The Party of Helicopters, The Man I Fell In Love With, and “New” Terror Class.   Thunder$troke – from the humming, melodic title track to the driving indie rock of “Gyro Quake” to the dreamy, ambling “Coming Home” – serves in many ways as a document of not only the music they’re making at this time, but also of their continuing dedication to and pride in that musical community.  

Track listing for Thunder$troke:

1.       Mr. Thompson (Can you dig it?)
2.       Suite Cheetah
3.       Thunder$troke
4.       Gyro Quake
5.       I’m Not Asking For The Moon
6.       Coming Home
7.       Danger Pins
8.       (untitled)
9.       Mr. Thompson
10.       Halo V
11.       I Shot The Mayor, Not The Deputy Mayor

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