civil-twilight-small1_phixr.jpgDepending on your background, the term “power trio” may bring to mind the ’60s sonic depth-charges launched by the Jimi Hendrix Experience and Cream; the twisty prog-rock styles of mid-’70s King Crimson and Rush; or the post-grunge bash of Seether and Wolfmother.

In the case of Civil Twilight, as evidenced on their self-titled debut album, the term means all of that – and much more. “We like to write together, and jam for hours at a time,” says singer/bassist/pianist Steven McKellar, who joined his brother Andrew(guitar) and childhood friend Richard Wouters(drums) to form the group in 1996. “We’ll play together in a studio, record all our jam sessions, and then listen back to them and pick the sections to work on that we think could turn into songs.”

Check out the “Letters From the Sky” video here:

[youtube -uREQbFYhJ8 nolink]

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