Buckfast Superbee, Turn of The Radio Age

buckfastsuperbee2-cover1.JPGAs read verbatim from their CD booklet, Buckfast Superbee is made up of four members:   Timothy Joseph on vocals, guitars, organ, noises and leverage—Derek Dutt on guitars, noises, harmonies and catalyst—Kevin Stram on bass, fuzz and connectivity—and William Driskill on drums, percussion, piano, noises and savagery.   These four men are a creative bunch of musicians that have a gem of a record on their hands.   The title of the band actually comes from a monk by the name of Brother Adam who solely created a breed of honeybee that lived twice as long as the common honeybee and produced 3X the honey of any bee known to men.   Very impressive by any standards and BFSB’s Turn of The Radio is a wonderful creation in its own right.  

I would label this album as highly energized & electric oozing with fresh creativity.   The record definitely listens as a conceptual rock album due to the numerous issues addressed.   One important message Buckfast Superbee is trying to get across to people is to just stop for a second and enjoy the sheer beauty of life & art in itself.   Avoid all the BS that the media likes to feed you on a daily basis is a recurring theme that the record strongly stands by.   According to BFSB, mainstream is never the only stream to follow no matter how hard the media/PR/Corporate America tries to knock it in your head.   If everyone simply followed what they felt in their heart, we’d all be OK.   In the end, BFSB & Turn of The Radio Age are severely needed today.   This special brand of indie artists are ready to buzz at & sting any critics that dare mess with their new hive.

I have to say that I am a big rock fan and this record freakin’ rocks like there’s no tomorrow!   The big rock sound comes through loud and clear through Joseph’s belting/striking chops, Driskill’s heavy drumming, Dutt’s cool guitar riffs and Stram’s smooth bass playing.   The whole band comes together perfectly and in unison Buckfast Superbee simply explode on this CD!   I was blown away by just that sense of a pure rock record that works finally!   The entire recording is one giant thrill ride full of speedy flows and high-powered intensity.   I simply love this well-thought out, conceptual rock album and I would recommend this record to anyone!   Hands down, one of the best albums I’ve reviewed to date and that is straight from the heart, no joke!

For more on this exciting band of rockers known as Buckfast Superbee and their latest release, Turn of The Radio Age, SKOPE out www.buckfastsuperbee.com.

By Jimmy Rae

[Rating: 5/5]

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