skopeartistsmj.jpg  With the tragic and sudden death of the King of Pop, there have been a number of artists tweeting their thoughts on Twitter.

PETE WENTZ:  I have never felt this before in my life. I could measure my childhood 2 now on an mj growth chart. if this is true. Rip. The last legend.

KATY PERRY: “Oh my god.”

SNOOP DOGG: “Rip Mj gotta show you some love…”

VICTORIA ASHER of COBRA STARSHIP: “He was my whole life as a kid. Watched Moonwalker religiously! Sad day.”

LILY ALLEN: “No f**king way”

M.I.A.: “MICHAEL JACKSON the first 2 english words i eva spoke . the future sucx!”

A FINE FRENZY: “3 cultural icons lost in the same week. goodbye ed, farrah & michael. we’ll miss you. my deepest condolences to the families & loved ones.””Woke up feeling coldy and bereft. It’s a shame the world waited till Michael was gone to say how much he mattered to us.. Life is fleeting..””instead of being morose and depressed, i think i’d like to use this as a reminder to be kind and give people second chances…”

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