It was announced today that channels from multi-platinum, Grammy-winning hit-makers the Eagles, Christina Aguilera and Weezer will launch a.p.e. (artist personal experience) radio as it hits the virtual airwaves in July.

In the coming months, many developing artists, as well as more of the brightest stars in music, will produce and host their own respective channels to be available on hundreds of internet radio and digital outlets.
a.p.e. radio, a Clear Channel and Front Line Management joint venture, will be distributed across Clear Channel Radio’s digital network, “iheartradio,” and integrated across each specific artist’s website.   These artist-hosted channels will allow performers to build upon their long-standing successes in traditional media, while taking a new   step in digital content development and distribution.   The artist/host will choose the music, and create exclusive content –including personal commentary, opinions and anecdotes– to foster a deeper connection with their audience.     In addition to maintaining creative control, artists will share in the profits.

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