Years, Years

years_phixr.jpgCurators of alarmingly aware films take note: your next soundtrack is waiting for you with open arms. Years, (Ohad Benchetrit of Do Make Say Think) have crafted one of the most pensive and poignant instrumental records to be heard in, well, years. The self-titled debut mixes delicate finger-picking with rousing melodies in an attempt to rid the world of the pre-conceived notion of how a symphony might sound.

It’s not desperation that brings this symphony into place, but optimism as a sweeping motif. “Don’t Let The Blind Go Deaf” pictures a fearless narrator navigating their way through a seemingly simple acoustic alt-country riff before the tune exposes itself its eager and ready soul.   “Years” takes the listener on a journey, proving that if you don’t have a final destination, that doesn’t mean you’re lost.

“A Thousand Times A Day” grazes in lazy territory, with guitars sounding ever so slight as to not interrupt the general sway of the universe. But when the strings kick in, the narrator awakes from slumber and sheds the self he or she used to know. It all sounds very epic. And it is. Years challenges listeners to let their collective minds wander and not be afraid to do so.

Review By Joshua Kloke

[Rating: 3/5]

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