Electrik Red are currently promoting their How To Be A Lady Volume 1 album and recently got Lil Wayne to jump on their second single, “So Good.”   The-Dreams’ first all-girl group on Radio-Killa Records will now release How To Be A Lady set on May 26th. Below is the LP’s official tracklisting.

1. “Devotion”
2. “P is for Power”
3. “Freaky Freaky”
4. “Friend Lover”
5. “Muah”
6. “9 to 5”
7. “So Good”
8. “Bed Rest”
9. “On Point”
10. “We F U”
11. “Drink in My Cup”
12. “Go Shawty”
13. “Kill Bill”
14. “So Good (Remix)” featuring Lil Wayne

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