Amber Weekes Presents “A Lady With A Song – Amber Weekes Celebrates Nancy Wilson” Out June 1, 2024

Pure flirtatious joy runs through Amber Weekes’ “A Lady With A Song – Amber Weekes Celebrates Nancy Wilson.” The popcraft here celebrates the classic, using an urbane sophistication within the restrained arrangements. She never lets things go on for too long. The songs have a sun-drenched quality by allowing a degree of editing and brevity to enter the equation. Full of love, they harken back to a more innocent time within pop, a playfulness, giddy even. Arrangements hark back to a big band style, swinging and strolling about.

“Gentleman Friend” begins with a beautiful degree of care, with the fanfare feeling perfect. Lounge-like leisure unspools on the laid-back, light funk of the groove “Save Your Love For Me.” Things have a sophisticated air with the graciousness of “A Lady With A Song,” featuring some gorgeous piano alongside subtle basslines. On “Ten Good Years,” the song has a dreamy, wide-eyed look at the world. Spry rhythms propel the gleeful “What A Little Moonlight Can Do.” A tropical flair adorns the Antonio Carlos Jobim-inspired vibe of “Wave.” “I’m Always Drunk In San Francisco” has a bleary-eyed splendor. Delicate with fragile textures is the slow-moving shuffle of the surreal “You’re Gonna Hear From Me.” “Wasn’t It Wonderful” ends the album with a celebratory finale.

“A Lady With A Song – Amber Weekes Celebrates Nancy Wilson” shows the infectious, giddy energy that Amber Weeks possesses in spades, with a heartfelt sound surrounding the listener.