INFJ Kenzo Releases Album: The Wage Of Better Angels: A Treatise To The Truth

A confessional series of stories comes into the fray for INFJ KENZO employs a deep vulnerability on “The Wage of Better Angels”. Rooted in hip-hop, elements of emo, trap, punk, and more enter into the fray. By far the highlight of the sound comes from his impeccable vocals. The lyrics matter a great deal for he chooses each word with care. Over the course of the journey an entire lifetime comes into frame. Melodies, beats, they have such a crispness to them for they make sure to go hard with their exquisite amount of detail. Layer upon layer interacts resulting in a rather dense approach.

“Everyday” starts the album up and sets the tone for what follows. Percussion punctuates the unflinching vision of “Great Gatsby”. Bass on “I Always hurt The ones i love” has a dramatic, tragic unspooling for the track has a heaviness as it reflects upon loss. Vocals go for a lighter than air quality on the halcyon-hued “Better Sins”. Acoustic and electronic elements merge to become one on “Little boy”. Things come into focus with the slow-moving contemplation of “Hungry”. Covering the topic of depression with true insight “Life I’m down”. Little moments pour into “No body” as there is a longing to it. Effortlessly concluding things is the meditative “Remember me as i was”.

“The Wage of Better Angels” features an exquisitely crafted world one that is easy to get lost in, for INFJ KENZO chooses the path less traveled.

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