11 Little Known Facts That Could Affect Your Crypto Currency

In the present period, there is a virtual currency called crypto currency that is protected by encryption  https://bitpapa.com. Cryptocurrencies have entirely replaced the exchange of the actual physical money because they only appear as electronic records in a person’s online data transactions. Digital wallets contain cryptocurrencies and a public ledger keeps track of all the transactions involving them. The owner’s digital signature verifies the ledger and guards against fraud, click here to know more 

Cryptocurrency is an independent digital currency system that works through the computer networks. The most known kinds of cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. With a wide popularity, cryptocurrency has allowed its users to see it as a proper alternative to making online payments. These currencies are created using sophisticated, complex and encrypted algorithms, resulting in the ability of these currencies to work as both a currency as well as a system of accounting. 

Like a normal currency, the records are stored in a digital ledger, wherein one can see how many coins an individual owns at a point of time. To secure the transactions, a strong cryptography database is used, to manage and evaluate additional coins in the system, as well as to verify ownership of coins, whenever and wherever it may take place. 

To be able to use such a form of currency, one should be acknowledged about the basics of how to use it, its usage, downfalls and advantages, as well as a sturdy back up plan that should be ready for use whenever needed. 


Cryptocurrencies are used through the medium of cryptocurrency wallets, which are a cloud-based wallets, that is provided to every user. Cryptocurrencies are definitely a new and advanced system of payment, but it also carries risks which hamper the economic growth of an individual. These currencies can be unstable and there is no way to guarantee as there is no single authority governing or controlling it. The other disadvantage that it carries is that as a computer-based system, it is prone to be hacked. Therefore, cryptocurrencies can be harmful as well. 

Crypto currency is a data string which is encrypted and it denotes a unit of currency. Block chain is network or web which is well structured and inspected by peer- to -peer network. It exists digitally and transactions are secured using cryptography.

Let’s now answer the questions to crystallize the concept of crypto currency.

  • Can crypto currency (CC) be sanctioned? There are many legal entities such as crypto- asset service providers Here we will discuss some facts about crypto currency which (CASP or EU parlance). They have the rights to freeze or suspend the assets or capital and block the dealings.
  • Can crypto currency be taxed?  Yes, the income from crypto currency will be taxed 30 % from 1 April 2022 as mentioned in the Union budget 2022.
  • Can crypto currency be converted to cash? Yes, there are two methods, either through exchange or broker. While converting crypto currency into cash, it will involve exchange fee as well as taxation.
  • Can crypto currency be hacked? Yes, It’s not only the investors who make money but also the hackers. One of the largest breakage occurred in calendar month when almost $ 200 million was stolen after intruding the company’s account.
  • Can crypto currency split? Let’s take an example to understand this. The total supply of bitcoin is 21million. When the number of bitcoin issued reaches its upper limit, later no further bitcoins can be produced. The income will be generated only from transaction fees.
  • Can crypto currency be tracked? Yes, crypto transactions are generally recorded on a block chain which has its public display. Crypto is not directly linked to the identity of the person.
  • Can crypto currency crash? Yes, it has crashed to new low today. The global market has shrunk from $1.10 trillion to $1.02 trillion the previous day as per the data (13 June, 2022). The global crypto currency fell by almost 1 trillion dollars even the top coin is worth half or even less.
  • Where is crypto currency traded? There are many trading apps such as Exodus, eToro, Gemini and Voyager. Many traders prefer to trade it as it is most volatile asset. If a trader can time the market, she/ he can receive or generate much more than traditional income.
  • Where is crypto currency banned? In incorporation of china, there are other eight countries that prohibit or ban these digital currencies. Countries include Algeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, Nepal, Qatar and Tunisia.
  • Where is crypto currency used? It is used to buy goods and services on the platform which accept it. Here no physical bill is needed or required and all the transactions take place online.
  • How to invest in crypto currency? There are few simple steps to follow such as:
  1. Choose an appropriate or required broker or crypto exchange.
  2. Make your account and verify it.
  3. Deposit the amount which is to be invested.
  4. Place your required order of crypto currency.
  5. Select your storage method.

This article will help us to gain more expertise on what actually crypto currency is. It is a spicy topic worldwide. There is high risk in trading crypto currency but will be rewarded if price goes up.

Need For A Backup Plan-

If in any case, one might experience downfall or a loss while using such currencies, one shoukd always be ready with a backup plan. Be on a lookout for solutions to almost every scenario that stands as a problem. 

Cryptocurrency has been known to be both a boon and a curse. While it promotes digital advancements and personal economic growth, it can also lead to depressions, losses, fraudulence, etc. A lot of banking services too avoid displaying or presenting any such virtual service or to form any kind of alliance with virtual companies, as it can be risky.

So, in conclusion, while it may seem new, exciting and an adventurous affair, you must better be prepared for anything and everything it may present in front of you.