What Are Botanically Derived Terpenes and & Their Benefits?

There are three types of terpenes available in the market – Botanically Derived, Cannabis Derived, and Synthetic Derived. Botanically derived organic terpenes are naturally extracted from non-cannabis plants, while cannabis-derived terpenes are extracted from the actual cannabis plant. On the other hand, synthetic terpenes aren’t natural and are produced artificially in labs.

This blog will mainly discuss botanically derived terpenes extracted from different plants, fruits, and other natural botanical materials. The botanically extracted terpenes can be used to rebuild the terpene profiles of specific cannabis strains.

Why Use Botanically Derived Terpenes? 

Many terpenes extracting companies choose to use botanically derived terpenes. The biggest reason is the cost. Botanical terpenes are highly cost-effective to extract, and the extraction process is much simpler than extracting cannabis terpenes.

Another reason is the cost of producing cannabis crops which is pricey. It makes more sense to derive isolated terpenes from a field of lavender than to derive the same terpenes from a field of cannabis.

Another major factor that pushes manufacturers toward botanical options is “availability.” Botanically derived terpene is much more readily available to buy in bulk quantities as compared to cannabis-derived terpenes. Therefore, the higher availability of botanical materials and the small yield of cannabis terpenes are the primary reason behind the increasing popularity of botanical terpenes. Moreover, higher availability almost comes with lower pricing, which is the best thing from a business perspective.

Benefits of Botanically Derived Terpenes

Several studies show that terpenes, along with THC and CBD, bind to chemical receptors present in the brain and body, sending signals to regulate different body systems for optimal health. Some of the benefits of terpenes include anti-inflammatory support, pain relief, relaxation, and sedation.

Undoubtedly, extracting cannabis terpenes from other plants is simple, affordable, and more consistent. Moreover, manufacturers can use the same compounds each time they create their products. From customers’ perspective, plant terpenes taste and smell bold because they are present in higher volumes in other plants than in cannabis. A higher volume of terpenes also improves viscosity, making it more convenient for vape cartridges.

Moreover, botanical terpenes extracted from non-cannabis plants are 100% legal. As they contain no active cannabinoids like CBD or THC, you can use them and carry them freely without facing any interstate restrictions. This is a bit difficult if you use cannabis or hemp products as the state-specific regulations and federal laws keep on changing. Choosing pure, botanical terpenes over cannabis-derived terpenes eradicates the legal worries of using them.

High-quality botanical terpenes are safe and consistent. You can find them in different flavors, aromas, and blends. Please find the best terpene company online and browse through their products like terpene blends, terpene spray, etc. Check their compositions, manufacturing process, and most importantly, the origin of their terpenes. There are several therapeutic and medicinal benefits of terpenes. Plants chosen for terpenes extraction generally contain many medicinal properties like antifungal, antiviral, antihyperglycemic, analgesic, anticancer, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antiparasitic. Terpenes are also used to enhance skin penetration and prevent inflammatory diseases. Choose terpene products wisely and enjoy all the benefits!