3 Types of Expensive Testosterone Boosters That Don’t Work

Some Testosterone boosters work and raise your T levels, but some raise nothing but your monthly expenses. Ironically enough, the ones that do more damage cost more than those that really do their thing.

What is Testosterone That Testosterone Boosters… Boost?

To cover the basics shortly, Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone. It’s responsible for every «manly» aspect, including self-confidence, muscle mass, hairiness, and sex drive.

Naturally, Testosterone is produced in male testicles, in the gonads. However, the process is vulnerable, and many aspects of modern life can undermine the natural (aka endogenous) production. Including:

  • Constant exposure to stress;
  • Bad sleep schedule;
  • Bad ecological situation;
  • Lack of vitamins and minerals;
  • Lack of physical activity.

It’s easy to lose but hard to maintain healthy and high Testosterone levels, and this is pretty much why the whole multi-billion-dollar industry of Testosterone boosters exists in the first place.

Why Do You Need Testosterone Boosters

The shortest answer is – to avoid low Testosterone levels and all the adverse effects that it can give you. Low T causes multiple nasty things, including:

  • Low sex drive and erection issues;
  • Depression, anxiety, lack of self-confidence;
  • Decrease in muscle mass, faster fat tissue growth.

Nothing about low Testosterone is good or natural. It’s an overall bad thing, and unfortunately, it’s nowadays more common than ever before in human history.

How Testosterone Boosters Work

Natural Testosterone boosters improve Testosterone levels in multiple ways:

  • Some anti-oxidants create the most comfortable conditions for your testicles to produce more Testosterone naturally. One of the notable examples here would be pomegranates juice — it alone can raise Testosterone up to 24%;
  • Other substances increase LH, aka Leuthenizing hormone, which is necessary for Testosterone production. All food, rich Vitamin-B, would fall in this category. Ginger is one good example;
  • Some Testosterone boosters act indirectly and provide the components that are beneficial to many aspects of male health, not just Testosterone production. For example, Magnesium can boost your health, bones, hair, fertility, AND Testosterone. Spinach is one of the best Magnesium sources out there, and it’s dirt-cheap in most areas of the world.

These are natural, easy to get, and cheap Testosterone boosters, known to mankind for ages.

Testosterone Boosters That Don’t Work

And here we go. Despite all the claims on the screaming, bright-colored packs, some compounds actually don’t affect your Testosterone at all. These are 3 of the most notable types.

Type 1: Herbal Testosterone Boosters

Herbal mixes are the classics of the market. Once in a year or two, the fitness industry goes crazy about yet another barely-known plant. It can be Rauwolfia extract, which is dangerous for you, as it was later established. Or it can be Horny Goat Weed (a natural compound with 0 studies to support the positive effect on Testosterone). The name, the scientific base, and real effects don’t matter at all. The only thing that matters, in this case, is marketing.

Here’s a list of the compounds that have 0 (zero) effects on Testosterone but still can be found in many Testosterone boosters:

  • Nettle Extract;
  • Maca Root Powder;
  • Bioperine;
  • Horny Goat Weed.

None of them will increase the Testosterone. The only thing they have in common is — they raise the price of the Testosterone boosters packs.

Type 2: Magic Chemical Nano Testosterone Boosters

The marketing trick here is simple: if it sounds «scientific» and complicated, people should believe it works. Unfortunately, this belief doesn’t affect reality, and the only thing that such Testosterone boosters boost is the seller’s revenue. Here are some notable examples:

  • DIIM (aka Diindolymethane) — a metabolite you can get from Brussels sprout instead of paying $39.99 for fancy pills. Sounds weird, «nerdy», but we have just one human study on it, and it doesn’t affect Testosterone at all;
  • BioPerine — supposed to work because it is a) patented and b) has «bio» in the name. Naturally, a glorified herbal extract that boosts metabolism to some extent. Zero studies on Testosterone, but hey – it has that «bio» part in the name, so it’s looking cool on the list of yet another useless Testosterone booster.

Type 3: Plain Dangerous Testosterone Boosters

This is the worst type. These Testosterone boosters won’t just do anything positive. They can seriously damage your health. Some of them are the result of the market’s major sin — mindless rush. For example:

Apigenin was released to the market and got a spike in sales BEFORE it was proven that it actually decreases Testosterone;

Synephrine is a popular component of pre-workout «Testosterone Boosters» (yes, they exist), and it’s almost harmless by itself. However, some boosters mix it with caffeine, and that synergy creates a literal psychosis-inducing substance.

How To Spot Fake Testosterone Boosters

As you can see, the Testosterone boosters market is a Wild West nowadays. You need to have a sharp eye and good reflexes to survive in it. Here are some rules that may help:

  • Avoid the screaming packs. If it says «100% NATURAL OH MY GOD SO EFFECTIVE» right on the pack – it’s most likely ineffective and barely natural;
  • Always check the contents. Invest 10 minutes of intense Googling because you can lose precious months of your life in hospital if you are «too busy» to check the list.
  • Remember, the «they can’t blatantly lie» approach doesn’t work here. They have good profits, good lawyers, and totally CAN lie in order to keep things that way;

The best advice here is simple: If possible – stay away from ALL Testosterone boosters.

There are no magic pills in this world. A proper diet and a complete set of vitamins are the best Testosterone booster of all. A healthy sleep schedule and low stress can give you 1000 times more than any «NanoFuture TestoHerbMix 300».