@skopemag Sponsored Content Promo – 10 Sites

We are so excited to offer this new promo for Sponsored Content. Sponsored Content is a perfect way to reach out to small business decision makers. Let us help you showcase your brand around engaging content relevant to our targeted small business audience. Sponsored Content plays a valuable role in a strategy of paid, owned and earned media. It can augment your owned media if you have limited content assets or capacity in-house. And it acts as a catalyst to spur earned media from the community.

We can get your content posted on 10 different sites from music, fashion, casino, business, etc. You can post content such as bio, news, reviews, features, press releases, informational, and much more. We can also work with you to write up your content.

Example: https://skopemag.com/2018/09/12/musical-mosh-pit-mishap-how-to-handle-the-legal-backlash

If you are interested simply email mfriedman@skopemagazine.com with:

Text – $125

or if you need @skopemag to write the content:

Email + $25

Questions, comments, inquiries, compliments: Mike – mfriedman@skopemagazine.com