3 Reasons Why Powered PA Speakers Are Better Than Regular Speakers

Whether you are building a DJing empire or you are interested in creating a home speaker system that can provide great entertainment for family and friends, it is important to conduct serious research on the electronics that will play a key role in your setup. Speakers are a critical component to any system that will be utilized to project high quality sound. It can be a challenge to regulate the quality of sound that your speakers will produce if you do not research the products on the market and familiarize yourself with powered speakers versus regular speakers. This article will highlight some of the reasons that powered pa speakers can be a better choice over regular speakers.

  1. Portability. Investing PA speakers is a smart move for many reasons. One of which is the fact that they are portable and can be used in a variety of spaces. Whether you are going to be projecting sound in a home theater, at church for services, or you plan to DJ at a high school prom, a PA speaker system that has substantial qualifications can fit the bill. Another great feature of PA speaker systems is that they can be transported easily from one place to another. Their durable housing protects the speaker units from harm and allows them to be transported without much wear and tear.
  2. Sound projection. When investing in a PA speaker sound system, it is highly likely that you will plan to be projecting sound to a large audience. A PA speaker system can be placed on a stand or on a table and just needs to be plugged into a mixer or a music player and connected to a power source to produce great sound. A powered PA speaker system is so convenient that it is shocking that more people do not choose to go this route over purchasing passive speakers in addition to an amp or subwoofer.
  3. No need to invest in an amplifier. Powered PA speakers provide everything that you need within the speaker system so there is no need to invest in extra equipment. When you purchase regular speakers, you will also need to invest in an amplifier or subwoofer to obtain the same effect and sound quality that you would otherwise receive from the PA speaker system alone.

A powered PA speaker system is notably a better option than regular speakers for those who are solo performers or have an interest in projecting high quality sound in venues such as a church congregation, high school prom, home theater, or in an academic setting. PA speakers are convenient in that they are durable and can easily be transported. The speakers are housed in a cabinet that helps the system remain intact while being moved around frequently. Finally, when you have a powered PA speaker system there is no need to invest in additional equipment such as an amplifier or subwoofer which can save you money and time in your setup.