Darren Marc – ‘Love and Grace’

Love and Grace is not only a relaxing and enjoyable song. It is a song that works to heal the listeners by reducing stress levels and tension through Reiki. Darren Marc, the singer in the song Love and Grace, is a Reiki healer which is a type of Japanese healing through spirituality, it reduces stress and tension. He works as a real estate agent and also teaches yoga. These aspects of his life really contribute to his work. He even utilizes Kirtan, it is the call and response singing of devotional music.

The cover for the album which Love and Grace is in is a picture of Darren Marc. While he appears to be meditating in some way, he is still focused entirely on the listener, his eyes are wide open and he is wearing a small smile. His back is straight and his arms spread wide. It appears to be the same picture that he has on his website. This really creates a real continuity between his message and his music. Darren Marc’s name is across the top of the album cover and the title of the album is spread out bellow in the same text. The one thing besides the letters that sets this picture apart from his website picture is the glowing almost sunset-like light that surrounds the bottom half of him. The picture is simple and repetitive. Because it is the same picture that is on the website it does not cause un-due additional thought from the listener. Also the general layout and only the mist and the letters are graphically generated it makes for a simple picture.

Stream – https://www.darrenmarc.com/track/1282257/love-and-grace?feature_id=413995

Love and Grace begins with an almost country music sound. Love and Grace works with the messages Marc is sending on his website. He encourages his listeners to use love and grace to get through the day peacefully. It does very much sound like a devotional song when God is mentioned. This seems especially true in this line, “when I meditate I get a vision of you.” The line also alludes to a romantic love, which he makes clear later on in the song. “She takes me higher and higher,” is the line that clears up the type of love he is referring to. Really the piece is about a mixture of both romantic love and a devotional love for God. There also seems to be some actual meditation mantras within the piece. “Shada-dey,” is a repeating mantra in the song followed by the title of the piece, Love and Grace. This song is from the album Let it Shine.

The softness of the song and the lyrics apply to everything that he is trying to promote on his website. From the yoga to the Reiki, it seems almost that he is healing through his music. He does so because it’s relaxing and melodic. He repeats words often throughout the song and this makes it not only catchy, but easy to listen to. This easiness flows through all media and presentations he creates for the world and is great for de-stressing.


By Max Godfrey