This music video inspires, with a message for everyone: “Hold on, when it feels like you’re gonna fall. Keep holding on, cause tomorrow change will come.”

Victoria Trinetti has released her first music video — with a message to be strong and powerful. The music video is for her debut single, “Yesterday”, and is available here, and on YouTube

As a rising pop singer, Victoria Trinetti just released the official music video for her hit single “Yesterday” which was launched on iTunes last November. Her powerful message, which aims to empower youth, coupled with her soulful vocals, have helped fans and journalists notice her contribution to the world of music. She is already appealing to a global audience, where her Facebook Fan Page has gathered over 89,000 likes in only five short months.

Victoria’s strong message encourages youth to be happy and to be true to themselves. Ten percent of the proceeds from her song will be donated to Youth Empowerment organizations. The music video inspires people with the following words: “No more running away from myself, just to hide from someone else. I’m finally not afraid, cause I’m stronger, than Yesterday.”