Almost immediately after crossing the Atlantic to perform in London for the Give It A Name festival, quick rising Port St. Lucie rock-band VersaEmerge played a (sort of)home-town show in Palm Beach Gardens, for a crowd of over 300. The night didn’t end until midnight, when the band finally left after doing a acoustic set outside Swamp Grass Willy’s. No matter how huge the band gets, they definately showed that they love their home of Florida, and their fans from it.

VersaEmerge is a band who at this point can play a well-established venue if they wanted to, and which they have. When the band plays a venue where the stage looks
as if it was a last-addition to the floor plan, and is low enough so that at any point, people could’ve got on stage and had an party. That never happened, but it was a night for fans just like it should be, and the fans got what they wanted. Openers were local bands Back to the Party, The Minor, and Truth About Vegas, who caused a stir for only their first show. While one girl’s opinion may have been that they upstaged Versa, the fact remained that the crowd was for VersaEmerge, and didn’t wait at least an hour for nothing.

The lights dimmed, and the orchestra of sounds, the plinking piano notes, wave of violin, from their intro “Theatrics” only added to the anticipation of what was to come
As soon as the orchestra was over, Sierra begun the first lines of “The Hider”, and moments later the band thrust into full force. The nine song set included the bands their lead single “Past Praying For” and even included the old fan favorite “In Pursuing Design”. What makes VersaEmerge stand out is their ability to mix dark tones with bright poppy tones.When guitarists Blake Harnage and Jerry Pirece strum the opening riffs of “Past Praying For”, with drummer Anthony Martone’s distant hi-hats, and Sierra’s chilling voice, the band sets the tone for a dark song, but immediately jump into the poppy chorus now adding bassist Devin Ingelido to the interesting mix, the band continue to play their catchy conconction of punk and orchestra. With Sierra’s voice flooding the sound, and the band’s final moments of the songs, you can hear violins quielty in the background, and then the song draws it’s curtains.

Now that people have started to compare VersaEmerge, and even West Palm Beach pop-punk Hey Monday, to Paramore, and calling them copies of the band, VersaEmerge have to show that they are not Paramore, and the only thing they have in common is the female lead. “Whisperer” ended the band’s energetic performance, but the Sierra and guitarist Blake Harnage decided to play an acoustic set for those who decided to stay with the band until they finally left. A group of about ten fans stayed around to watch them to do acoustic duo, and even performed a short version of “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch”.

You’d think after getting back from London and doing your hometown show, you’d want to relax. But not VersaEmerge, who two days later started their tour with Orlando pop-punk band There For Tomorrow, and will eventually run into the Vans Warped Tour, which this will be their first time doing the popular punk mega-tour.



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