Maintaining authenticity is a hallmark of De La Soul’s ascendance into hip-hop, so it was only fitting that the group was engaged to help introduce Sprite Green, Sprite’s newest “natural phenomenon”, to the Chicago market on Monday, April 20 at the River East Art Center .   The group is also celebrating their 20th year in hip hop this year.

Sprite Green is not for the tasteless!   The first naturally sweetened   soda with real juice and half the calories of regular soda –Sprite Green is creating buzz among Chicago ’s most notable trendsetters.


De La Soul hits the stage at with Chicago DJ Timbuck2 for the launch event for Sprite Green in Chicago .   De La was on hand for the roll out of Sprite’s new drink, Sprite Green, the first naturally sweetened soda during an event to further introduce the product in the Chicago market. (Left to Right: Pos, DJ Timbuck2, Dave)


What’s not to love?   Dave and Pos of De La Soul kick it with one of the founders of Chicago House Music, the legendary DJ Hurley, while surrounded by the natural essence of Sprite Green.     The group was in Chicago to help launch the product’s rollout in the Chicago market. (Left to Right: Dave, DJ Hurley, Pos)


Industry legend, George Daniels of Chicago ’s George’s Music Room, knows a hot trend when he sees one, which is why he had to experience the “natural phenomenon” of Sprite Green, the first naturally sweetened soda which is expanding its presence in the Chicago area. (Left to Right: Dave, George Daniels, Pos)

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