After There For Tomorrow’s show at Swamp Grass Willy’s, Skope was able to get a quick interview with 19-year old frontman…

Skope: How long have you guys been a band?
Maika: Well me and Chris [Kamrada]have been playing since I was 13, so thats six almost seven years, and Christian [Climer]    
Skope: Are all of you from Orlando?
Maika: Yeah, we’re all from the area.
Skope: How do you guys feel about the tourists?
Maika: We’ve got accustomed to the tourists… you get used to all the bad driving. Yeah, we’re used to it now.  
Skope: The first time I heard about There For Tomorrow, was when I watched you guys win MTVU’s Woodie Award for Best New Band. After that, did you gain exposure to more people?
Maika: Yes, the Woodie was definately a great exposure. We’re still a very very fresh young band that lots of people don’t know about. Winning the Woodie wasn’t like a “Oh, now we’re huge!”, it was just a reassurance that there are people out there who like our music and really care about us to vote. It was kind of like a booster for us.    
Skope: Do you guys have any former members?
Maika: Yeah, we had a guitarist but thats way old, just really long ago. It didn’t work out, but it was a long time ago, we were kids… it doesn’t really matter now.    
Skope: What bands are proud to have toured with?
Maika: Anberlin for sure! Those guys took us under their wing and looked out for us. It was a great experience. All Time Low and    We The Kings as well. We’re honored to open up for shows like that, that have that many kids.  
Skope:    What’s your dream tour? What bands would you dream to tour with?
Maika:  Oh man… Foo Fighters for sure, that’s ridiculous. Jimmy Eat World. If I got crazy with it, I’d say Kid Cudi. Uhhh,,, [Maika struggles to think] man, I have such an appreciation for all types of music. I’d throw Rascal Flatts in there.  I love country, I love everything… death-core, or death-metal, whatever they call it. White Chapel, I love them.  
Skope: When did you guys release your first album, or was it a EP?
Maika:  Yeah, our EP, but we still have a really old album on iTunes that was recorded when I was 14, so It doesn’t really count. We put out a Pages EP when we were unsigned, then put out a self-titled EP when we signed with Hopeless Records. Now, our debut album full-length drops June 9th, and it’s titled “A Little Faster”.    
Skope:  How many songs will be on the album?
Maika: Eleven songs. There’s a wide range of emotion with lots of different attitudes, and it’s very dynamic. I hope everybody appreciates it.  
Skope: And the lead single?
Maika: You’ll just have to wait and see!  

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