Acclaimed Cambodian-American rock band Dengue Fever and the non-profit environmental organization Wildlife Alliance are pleased to announce the launch of a partnership to preserve Cambodia’s natural heritage, including threatened populations of tigers, Asian elephants, and some of the largest tracts of rainforest remaining in Asia.

“We share a common vision,” said Dengue Fever guitarist Zac Holtzman. “We want to preserve Cambodia’s rich cultural heritage, just like Wildlife Alliance is working to protect Cambodia’s wildlife species and forests. By rescuing and caring for wildlife species victimized by illegal trade, preserving habitat and educating and creating jobs for Cambodians, Wildlife Alliance’s work is vital to preserving Cambodia’s natural legacy for future generations.”

“We hope that this partnership will help all of us who strive to save Cambodia’s unique heritage,” said Wildlife Alliance’s Director of U.S. Operations, Michael Zwirn. “Fans of Dengue Fever are naturally drawn to the artistic history of Cambodia, and we want to inform them how they can be involved in saving the country’s wildlife and forests alongside its cultural treasures.”

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