British band Starsailor were the last to work with producer Phil Spector, who was just found guilty of the murder of actress Lana Clarkson. Here’s a statement from Starsailor frontman James Walsh:

“Recording with Phil Spector was an amazing experience at the time. I had grown up with ‘Imagine’ and was just getting into the brilliant ‘Born To Be With You'(the album Spector produced for Dion) when we got the call. The two tracks ‘Silence Is Easy’ and ‘White Dove’ were recorded in the first week of working with him.   He then returned to LA and came back to England some weeks later a different character. The out going charismatic producer we had met previously had become withdrawn and hard to communicate with. We persevered as long as we could out of respect for the man and his reputation but we had to call it a day after a while. Some weeks later while the album was being mixed we heard he had been arrested for murder. It is hard for me to pass judgment on whether he is guilty or innocent. We certainly never saw an aggressive side to him while we worked with him but like everybody else we do not know exactly what went on inside that house”.

Starsailor’s new album, All the Plans, will be out on April 28th.   The band will appear on The Tonight Show on April 30th.

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