UNITED STATES is the first collaboration of Paul Gilbert and Freddie Nelson. The album features 10 new songs which they wrote, performed, and produced together in the summer of 2008. UNITED STATES will be released May 12th, 2009 on Mascot Records U.S.A.

Gilbert and Nelson share many musical and cultural roots. Both artists grew up outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Both were born the same year and started playing guitar around the same time. Both played in Pittsburgh bands, and even shared some of the same band members.

Gilbert moved to Los Angeles, and Nelson stayed in Pittsburgh, so they never met until now.


1.The Last Rock’n Roll Star
2. Hideway
3. Waste of Time
4. Bad Times Good
5. Paris Hilton Look-alike
6. The Answer
7. I’m Free
8. Pulsar
9. Girl from Omaha
10. I’m Not Addicted

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