19-year old Kristinia DeBarge launches her career with the anthemic upbeat smash “Goodbye,” her debut single, now hitting at pop radio weeks before the official April 27th impact date. Powerhouse stations such as WKTU (New York), WKQI (Detroit), Z100 (New York), (KHKS) Dallas and WKSC (Chicago) were the first to get on board, with many majors quickly following suit. In addition, Nivea had committed to licensing the new hit smash “GoodBye” as the theme song for their new Network TV Campaign. “Goodbye” is featured in both :15 & :30 spots that began April 6 and runs through July 13th.   (“Goodbye” samples the classic #1 hit of 1969, “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” by the group Steam, distinguished as the record that knocked the Beatles’ controversial “Come Together” from the #1 spot in December.)   A video shoot to capture the song’s sexy fun feel is scheduled to take place shortly in Los Angeles.


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