mahjonng_phixr.jpgOriginally formed in the great bounteous Midwest region of the United States “Mahjongg” began as a simple experiment between The Grid and The Sphere.  

To attract the brood orientation of the young mind, Mahjongg knew the only way to spread Kontpab’s message was by forming a musiK band.   This ever-expanding Sect uses “irratainment” to teach the warnings and Revelations of the almighty god Kontpab. Kontpab basically warns the human race of the mass “funneling” of the populace minds into The Grid.

Video For “Groove Rider”

[youtube uRt67-oPGLM nolink]

US Tour Dates

4/23 – Howards Club H – Bowling Green, OH
4/24 – Gooski’s – Pittsburgh, PA
4/25 – Big Orbit’s Soundlab – Buffalo, NY
4/26 – The Market Hotel – Brooklyn, NY
4/27 – Barbary – Philadelphia, PA
4/28 – Talking Head – Baltimore, MD
4/29 – Comet Pizza & Ping Pong – Washington, DC
4/30 – Musica – Akron, OH
5/1 – UFO Factory – Detroit, MI
5/2 – Co-Prosperity Spere – Chicago, IL

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