Los Fabulosos Cadillacs in Miami

los-fabulosos-1-290.jpgLos Fabulosos Cadillacs gave the fans everything they asked for: from the oldies, “El Satánico Dr. Cadillac” (1989), to the crowd’s favorite, “Matador” (1993). After their seven years apart, the group came together with the same eagerness to please the restless fans, who danced, jumped and screamed through their two-and-a-half-hour performance.

Unwilling to let the band leave, the crowd asked for more. And Los Fabulosos gave them more, including “Calaveras y Diablitos,” “Mal Bicho,” “Padre Nuestro,” and a song from their new album, “La Luz del Ritmo.” The moment to remember: Vicentico asked the crowd to kneel down and pray with him while singing “Mal Bicho.” It took a few minutes, but the fans complied and Vicentico slowly picked up where he had paused the song (the part where he says “no” to war, violence, injustice and greed). The fans got up and started jumping. Some were waving flags or shirts; others were just pumping their fists, but all were singing/asking in unison for “paz en el mundo.”


What the fans had to say:

Fiorella Velarde, 35, Miami
Number of times she’s seen them: Two
Favorite song: “Matador”
“I saw them in Lima (Peru) 10 years ago… They have the same sound; the same soul.”

Johanna Trujillo, 28, Miami
Number of times she’s seen them: One
Favorite song: “Matador”
“I liked everything, the dynamics, the music… just everything!”

Domingo Medina, 20, Miami
Number of times he’s seen them: One
Favorite song: “Mal Bicho”
“They are the best! … I am a musician too. I loved their percussion.”


Words: Alejandra Cancino
Photos: Shaun Flagg

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