dubios_phixr.jpgSan Francisco based band DUBIOUS RANGER are preparing to release their new CD, Uneasy Truce at the Watering Hole on April 21.  

Lead guitarist Jonathan Eccles explains the band’s creative process, for the album’s lead single, “Weapon”, and its accompanying frenetically surreal music video…

[youtube EUweLEDgHg0 nolink]

“A good deal of our songs aren’t about overarching subject matter or messages, but rather subscribe to the David Byrne theory that loaded mantras, syllabic beauty, and stream of consciousness observation can create an ambiguous art from which any listener can derive their own meaning.   [Lead singer/keyboardist] Alexander [Eccles] had this phrase ‘anything is a weapon’, which can be taken both literally and as a call to arms. He was hoping to write a poppy dance song, so he took a liking to the phrase ‘Don’t you mess with the girl next door no don’t you dance with my monopoly,’ which besides being syllabically interesting and memorable, is also a straightforward retread of the ‘that girl is mine, don’t you mess with her’ idea that’s been around since time immemorial.   At the same time, the word ‘monopoly’ exposes the sick twist of sexist ownership that’s always existed just under the surface of that message.”


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