willynorthpole_williamolguin_tucson.jpgRags to riches stories are almost a dime-a-dozen in the rap game, but, like jokes, sometimes it is all in the telling. Case in point would be Willy Northpole’s single, Hood Dreamer ft. B.o.B., from his upcoming June debut (on DTP / Def Jam), Tha Connect. The pain Willy experienced during his turbulent childhood and the regret he feels about his subsequent foray into street life, are palpable emotions, illustrated perfectly by his Taj-directed video; you find yourself truly rooting for him to succeed. The trailer to this video is a brief insight into Willy’s world, as he shares a private moment between himself and his deceased cousin, Salt; Willy’s role model in the absence of his father. Hood Dreamer is rapidly growing nationwide at radio, with the video’s debut to be announced soon.

Also on Willy’s Kyte channel is some behind the scenes footage from the Hood Dreamer shoot in his native Phoenix and a back stage pass to Willy’s first experience at Nascar; where he was welcomed into the Pit by some of the nation’s top drivers:


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