quik_kurupt_cover1_phixr.jpgWhile putting the finishing touches on Snoop Dogg’s acclaimed Ego Trippin’ album in early 2008, DJ Quik had an idea.   The rapper-producer-musician-entrepreneur wanted to do a full-length album with Kurupt, the uber-respected Dogg Pound member and Snoop Dogg affiliated-rapper he’d known since Death Row Records’ mid-1990s heyday and had worked with sparingly over years.

“Kurupt does in rap what I do in music,” DJ Quik says.   “It just made sense.   Kurupt is a gangster rapper in the sense of being raw, bare-bones and uncut.   I wanted to do music that evoked certain feelings and could show his microphone superiority.”

Download & enjoy the lead single “Hey Playa” (Moroccan Blues) from the BLAQKOUT LP:


DJ Quik’s rapping and production prowess and Kurupt’s microphone superiority shine throughout DJ Quik and Kurupt, the pair’s first collaborative album.   A prime example of the duo’s explosive chemistry is “9 Times Out Of 10.”   Over a heavy drum assemblage, Kurupt freaks an intricate rhyme pattern about the likelihood of things happening over and over again.   “It’s total wordplay,” Kurupt explains.   “You’ve got to catch it by listening.   The beat catches you to where you want to hear what is going on.   In life, nine times of 10, these are things that happen.   That’s what I broke the whole record down to.”

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