Music mogul Steve Rifkind of LOUD/SRC fame has purchased youth tournament leader Vision Sports, a leading Florida-based youth basketball tournament company known for managing and producing 5 of the biggest amateur basketball tournaments in the country. SRC will utilize its impeccable corporate branding expertise to secure multiple sponsorships which means innumerable benefits to the players who participate. “I bought this company for the kids so they have chance to see the world”, says Mr Rifkind, who used to coach his own son on one of the teams within the program, the Delray Beach Blazers.

Vision Sports is based in Texas and the venture will expand to Delray Beach, Florida where Mr. Rifkind’s involvement began, and where he became increasingly invested in giving back to the area. The Florida office will be housed directly in the Pompey Park providing closeness to the community. Combining astute business acumen with a father’s philanthropic drive, this venture aims to utilize the world of hip-hop, in which many of the kids involved are already immersed, with a progressive outlook on basketball, education and lifestyle. Rather than bring in a wholly corporate management team, Mr Rifkind has chosen to run this new business with Jason Floyd and Kevin Huggins, who are coaches within the program as well as administrators. Under the prior ownership, Vision Sports Tournaments have historically been very well run and produce high quality events, something Mr. Rikfind and crew intend to maintain as well as enhance. A tradition with these tournaments has been established and it is of the highest goal to keep that alive and growing.

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