paintedsm_phixr.jpgThe group effort and band are named after the Turkish tradition of marbled paper art Ebru.   Demir Demirkan is a talented guitarist, and knows how to arrange.   Originally from the only Turkish heavy metal band I’m aware of, Pentagram, Demir has taken a serious turn (ala Alex Skolnick/Testament’s foray into jazz), reaching into world fusion/jazz oriented music.   Singer Sertab Erener has the skills and range to handle various forms of music.   The material is prime for play on the jazz format stations, who have been looking for the new Sade for quite sometime, and in the meantime play her to death.   I’ve even accepted Sade, and the same old songs don’t seem to annoy me anymore!   Maybe there’s something subliminal in the lyrics that do this to the unknowing listener!   Sertab is capable of pushing Sade into the background.    

Blue composed for collaboration with guest guitarist Al Dimeola, allows for some jazz infusion.   Nothing But To Pray and Love We Made combine some slick guitar work with fitting vocals, in more of a traditional ethnic fashion.   Mad Love follows more of a rock format, while Man Of 1000 Faces has a funk vibe, something that you can picture being sung in a latter day middle-eastern café.   Before The Night Is Done combines a little bit of power chording with ballad vocals.    

The world jazz movement is experiencing the fusion of Middle Eastern music with Latin vibes.   POW is definitely a unique take on current musical variations and trends.   It’s like Guy Fieri throwing CD’s into a blender, squeezing on some lime, and taking a huge gulp.   Try it out!

[Rating 3.5/5]

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