The notorious misfits known as Kingspade – consisting of Johnny Ricther and D-Loc from counter-culture icons the Kottonmouth Kings released their first ever live album entitled “Throw Your Spades Up” on March 10, 2009. The live album includes both a CD and DVD version of Kingspade’s now legendary live performance at Hollywood’s Key Club, where the group performed tracks from their self-titled debut and sophomore effort, “P.T.B.” The 2-disc set will also include a third bonus disc, Shakey Bonez “Dog Treats Featuring George.”

Shakey Bonez is the DJ alter ego of Kottonmouth Kings/Kingspade frontman D-Loc. Showcasing his impressive skills on the turntables, Shakey Bonez allows D-Loc to roam into uncharted territories by revealing his thirst for ambient side. Shakey Bonez new studio album entitled, “Dog Treats Featuring George,” features guest appearances from Pakelika on “It’s Working” and Sub Noize alumni Judge D on the track “South Park.”

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