Hot on the heels of the Breeders’ 2008 studio album, Mountain Battles, comes a four-song-EP, Fate to Fatal, set for an April 21, 2009 release. Recorded both at a professional studio in England and in the basement of Breeders’ singer/guitarist Kim Deal, Fate to Fatal is the EP where they boast, “we’ve discovered the treble knob.”

“We started with a song called ‘Fate to Fatal,'” recalls Kim. “The Breeders were on tour all of last year, so we booked time at a place called the Fortress in London, England, and worked with a guy named Gareth Parton. At the beginning, Gareth and I were really snitty towards each other, which can turn out bad or good. And it turned out really good. The second song, ‘The Last Time,’ I wrote, but I recorded it in my basement – we have a guest vocalist on it, Mark Lanegan [Screaming Trees, Queens of the Stone Age, The Gutter Twins]. The third song is a cover of a Bob Marley and the Wailers song, ‘Chances Are.’ Kelley and I recorded it live in Chicago at Steve Albini’s. And the last song, ‘Pinnacle Hollow,’ I did in my basement on a four-track – tape hiss and all.”

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