It’s not often that a band infiltrates the essence of your being, where you live and breathe their music and their words. But for many, the Berlin-based IAMX has created a diehard cult who wait for their every move with bated breath. With their third album, IAMX has created another masterpiece in the Kingdom of Welcome Addiction (release date: May 19, 2009 on Metropolis Records) in which the glam noir stylings of IAMX get an organic and much more intimate makeover. “I always imagined IAMX as a broad project,” explains the uber-creative and intensely intelligent band leader Chris Corner. “I feel completely free to experiment in every aspect – with humour, with sincerity, with sex, with anger, with fragility. I am a very private person but I felt, with a more organic approach, I could begin to explore and expose another angle. IAMX does have two sides: the rabid animal and the bleeding heart. I am trying to show a warmer, more concerned side with this album.”

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