Knox Bronson, The Seasons

knoxbronson2.jpeMix electronic, classical, ambience and pop and you have the new, innovative piece by Knox Bronson in The Seasons.   Even adding that symphony orchestra element to the background, Bronson takes you on a hypnotic trip.   Bronson is the singer, songwriter and composer who brings you four excellent installments that run for an average of 15 minutes.   All instrumental, the album is one to listen close to with true meaning behind each creation of sound.

On the cover you see an attractive woman unclothed with her legs in the air and arms covering her private essentials.   Definitely an eye-catcher and this beauty is actually Victoria Secret supermodel, Amber Myles Arbucci.   She can be seen on the back along with inside the contained artwork displayed in different poses.   The true essence can be seen from the cover because she seems completely at peace with herself and her body.   Her eyes are closed and she lays there on her back without a worry in the world–carefree spirit if you will.   The ironic part is that this seductive portrait of Arbucci actually captures the pure emotion of the album.   That raw emotion being peace and tranquility is the premise of the record.

The Seasons is just that; inviting you to experience each turn of the seasons one by one.   The album starts with “Summer of ‘68” and ends with “The Forever Spring” taking the listener on a magical journey.   Bronson offers a whimsical quality along with a strong spiritual well-being that resonates throughout the composition.   Each song signifies not just the spirit of the seasons, but also the spirit of Bronson inside.  

The record starts off by hearing synthesized waves crashing in, which really brought me back to the summers at Jones Beach.   Ohhhh yeah, those were the good old days–those summers in the 80s.   Nothing more relaxing than hearing the sounds of the ocean.   As I lay there with my eyes closed, I jumped into the next installment, “Autumnal Sun”.   This track offers a taste of elegance along with mystique and wonder.   You can actually feel the change from summer to fall by way of the rougher-style notes being more drawn out and pronounced.   Next up, my least favorite time of year and apparently Bronson’s too, “Winter Blue”.   Knox wrote this during a rough patch in his life, but being an optimist Bronson incorporates a turning point in the song.   That turning point is when a synth violin holds a sustained high note for what seemed like forever!   Real change has occurred at this point both musically and emotionally.   Bronson captures all of this in such a well-thought-out manner and also in such witty fashion.   The listener starts off hearing the soothing sensations of waves and finishes the journey the same way.   The overall effect here is just a glorious presence that will put your mind, body and soul at ease.  

For more on Knox Bronson and The Seasons, SKOPE out   Take the trip into the world of changing seasons to see what you get out of it.   It will be an uplifting, peaceful and enlightening experience–I promise you that.   A true work of art and excellence here, job well done!

By Jimmy Rae

[Rating: 4.5/5]

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