Solange Knowles clearly has had a rough week. First she got snapped in the media with an exposed nipple and now the “I Decided” singer has overdosed on Nyquil. revealed Beyonce’s lil sister was admitted to the hospital when she collapsed after downing flu pills on a flight out of New York on Tuesday night. It seems the singer was trying to nurse a cold and just took one too many tablets. Solange Twittered about the whole ordeal and spilled to her fans: “I took a Nyquil and I think maybe I’m getting high off it because I’m not sleeping. maybe I should close my eyes…”   Minutes later she wrote that she will “never take Nyquil again” and was unaware that the medicine “could do this to you.” Fortunately she is fine now and Twittered that she was severely dehydrated, announcing early Wednesday, “I’m out! yay!… they let me go”.

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